Most states do not require one to have a motor cycle license to ride a 50cc scooter. Actually, you the age limit for riding scooters is also lower than that for a motor cycle. That means any 50cc scooter you're buying may not have the capacity for speed that you need since its manufacturer is only meeting state regulations. So, if you need to change the default capabilities of your scooter at, upgrading with HP scooter parts is necessary. 

To ride a scooter at without a motorcycle license requires that you're unable to exceed a speed of 30mph on a flat surface. But once you've acquired the relevant license and want to give your scooter a higher capacity for speed, you can confidently consider removing restrictive components from the machine and replacing them with high performance scooter parts. 

One of the items that will require upgrading is the cdi (you may replace it or fine-tune the stock module). The upgrade will give the scooter engine capacity to operate at a higher rpm. Another important upgrade to make is that of the oversized variator boss. Replacing it with a high-performance version will yield a higher gear range and maximum speed increase for your scooter. 

There's one relatively easy and cheap upgrade you can give your scooter and enhance its performance, and that's fitting it with a set of variator rollers of the perfect weight. How heavy or light variator rollers are determines the gear ratio dynamics of the CVT transmission. In case of lighter rollers, transmission easily retains a lower gear for a longer duration, resulting in an acceleration boost. 

When the rollers are heavier, it means that shift to a bigger gear is attained way earlier at a maximum speed of 30mph. it's possible for heavier rollers to boost your scooters top speed to a small extent, but it takes longer to do that. For further details regarding motor Scooters, go to

Don't forget to change the carburetor's main jet and replace it with a larger one. In turn, this richens the fuel mixture to a small degree, giving you better performance. But the configuration will use more fuel.     

Evidently, you'll need to change important performance attributes of your scooter if you need to do more than a 30mph top speed. In that case, consider fitting the scooter with high performance scooter parts. You can go to your local or online dealer for the relevant replacement parts that will boost the speed of your scooter.